Dinner Menu


Cozze (Mussels) or Calamari Alla Marinara
In a tangy tomato sauce (when available) 
$ 18.45

Gamberi (Prawns)
In a white wine garlic butter sauce, or mumbai style curry cream
$ 18.45

Salsiccia Con Funghi
Sausages and mushrooms in a olive oil, white wine, or tomato cacciatore sauce
$ 18.45



Zuppe e Pane (soups & breads)

A hearty vegetable soup with noodles
$ 9.95

Tortellini Brodo
turkey filled tortellini in chicken broth
$ 9.95

Stracciatella Alla Romana
chicken broth with egg & parsley
$ 9.95

Boscaiola Bread
meat sauce & melted cheese $ 9.95
tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs & melted cheese $9.95
fresh tomatoes, anchovies & melted cheese $9.95

Bruschetta Bread
fresh tomatoes, red spanish onions & fresh herbs $9.95
or olives & fresh herbs $9.95
or mushrooms in white wine $9.95

Focaccia Bread Basket
traditional focaccia bread served with balsalmic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil
$9.95 add pesto $ 3.50 extra

Garlic Bread
baked with our own special garlic butter $ 4.95
balsalmic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil $ 3.00 extra



Insalate (salads)

Add Shrimp or Spicy Chicken Breast To Any Salad 7.25

with our special Anton‚ caesar dressing
$ 17.75 / $18.75

fresh garden salad with Anton special dressing
$ 16.75 /$ 17.75

greens with mixed vegetables, artichokes and cheese tossed in an extra 
virgin olive oil and pesto dressing
$17.75 / $18.75 

Pomodori Cipolle
tomatoes & onions with vinegarette dressing

$16.75 / $17.75

tender spinach leaves, bacon, and mushrooms tossed in a 
light garlic vinegarette dressing
$16.75 / $17.75

Anton's Salad
a mixed garden salad with feta cheese & Anton, special dressing
$ 17.75 / $18.75



Red Sauce

All Pasta Dishes $ 25.00
( Unless Listed )

Linguine Bolognese 
with our original tomato meat sauce

Linguine Con Polpette $26.00
meatballs topped with a tomato meat sauce

Linguine Alla Siciliana
anchovies, red peppers, capers & olives in a spicy tomato sauce

Linguine Alla Veneziana
venetian chicken stew in a spicy tomato sauce

Penne Alla Calabrese
italian sausage in a tomato sauce

Penne All’Arrabbiata
italian bacon in a spicy tomato sauce

Rigatoni Alla Pizzaiola

chicken, capers & black olives in a spicy tomato sauce

Fettuccine Prosciutto E Funghi
prosciutto & mushrooms in a white wine tomato sauce 

Fusilli Alla Romana
pancetta, mushrooms, capers & black olives in a spicy tomato sauce 

Fettuccine Creola
italian sausage, chicken & shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce 
$ 28.00



Seafood Sauce

All Pasta Dishes $ 28.00
( Unless Listed )

Rigatoni Con Tonno
tuna, mushrooms & artichokes in a white wine creamy tomato sauce 

Linguine Con Calamari
tender calamari in a spicy tomato sauce

Linguine Alle Vongole
clams in a cream, tomato or clear white wine sauce 

Linguine Pescatore
mixed seafood & mushrooms in a tangy tomato sauce 

Conchiglie Frutti di Mare
mixed seafood & mushrooms in a cream sauce 

Linguine Con Salmone Affumicato
smoked salmon in a dill cream or creamy tomato sauce (when available) 

Penne Bombay
prawns & shrimp in a light curry & cilantro sauce 

Linguine Di Mare Bianco
mixed seafood with fresh tomato in a white wine sauce

Fusilli Con Cozze Alla Marinara
mussels and pancetta in white wine sauce, cream tomato sauce with fresh cherry tomatoes (when available)


White Sauce

All Pasta Dishes $ 26.00
( Unless Listed )

Linguine Alla Carbonara
pancetta, eggs & fresh cracked black pepper in a cream sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo Con Pollo
chicken in alfredo sauce 

Fettuccine Della Casa Con Pollo E Piselli
chicken & peas in a cream sauce

Fettuccine Con Prosciutto E Asparagi
prosciutto & asparagus in a sage cream sauce (when available)

Spinach Fettuccine Alla Fillippo
chicken & spinach in a light cream sauce

Fettuccine Con Prosciutto E Piselli
prosciutto & peas in a white wine cream sauce

Clear Sauce

All Pasta Dishes $ 25.00
( Unless Listed )

Rigatoni Al Porto
italian sausage & roasted red peppers in a garlic butter sauce

Penne Alla Greca
artichokes, sun dried tomatoes & feta cheese red onions in a garlic white wine sauce

Conchiglie Alla Franco
chicken, sundried tomatoes, peas, in a chicken broth garlic sauce

Linguine Raffaele
sausages, spinach, feta cheese, chili flakes in garlic extra virgin olive oil

Conchiglie Mona Lisa
sun dried tomatoes & prosciutto in a white wine sauce

Fusilli Massimo
green olives, artichokes, capers & red peppers in a white wine sauce

Conchiglie Zio Carmelo $26.00
sausage, chicken, pinenuts & spinach in a white wine sauce & chili flakes

Penne Alla Pastora
italian sausage & bacon in a white wine, egg & cheese sauce

Penne Chorizo Salsiccia E Funghi
chorizo sausage & mushrooms in a spicy lemon sauce

Conchiglie Alla Cosentina
leeks, carrots, celery, peas, italian bacon in a chicken broth with parmesan sauce

Specialty Dishes

Fusilli Al“Indiana”

chicken, mixed vegetables in a curry cilantro tomato sauce
$ 25.00

Fusilli “Creamy Italian”
pesto in a creamy tomato sauce

Penne Capri
prawns, chicken & fresh rosemary in a tomato sauce


Fusilli Alla Toscana
chicken, mushrooms & white wine in a savory pesto cream sauce

Penne All’ Emiliana
italian sausage, pancetta, fresh tomatos, basil, black olives & 
feta cheese in a light extra virgin olive oil

Penne Ai Quattro Formaggi
four different cheeses in a cream sauce

Penne Del Padrino
anchovies, sun dried tomatoes, capers & black olives in a white wine sauce

Linguine Anton’s Special Platter
pesto, cream & tomato or meat sauce (*dine in only - no substititutions)

Fusilli New Orleans
scallops, sausages, prawns, chicken, red & green peppers in a spicy oil base Cajun sauce  (when available)
$ 27.00  

Herb Penne Genovese
sun dried tomatoes & mushrooms in a tomato pesto sauce

Fusilli Marsala
chicken & mushrooms in a tomato sauce with marsala wine

Penne Mezza Luna
italian sausage & pancetta in an olive tomato sauce

Linguine Orientale
stir fried vegetables, mushrooms & chicken in a clear sauce

Penne Alla Silana
spicy chicken in a black olive sauce

Penne Antonio
chicken, mushroom, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese in a dill pesto cream sauce


Pollo Parmesana

Chicken in Anton's special sauce with your choice of pasta




Vegetarian Dishes

All Vegetarian Pasta Dishes $ 25.00

Herb Penne Alla Contadina 
bell peppers in a spicy tomato sauce

Herb Penne Alla Mediterraneo
fresh tomatoes, red peppers & artichokes in a white wine sauce

Fettuccine Anton’s Special Sauce
mushrooms & basil in a tomato sauce

Whole Wheat Fusilli Primavera
vegetables in a creamy tomato sauce

Linguine Marco Polo
stir fried vegetables, mushrooms in a white wine sesame oil soy sauce

Conchiglie al Curry E. Pomodoro
mixed vegetables, fresh tomatoes in a curry sauce

Herb Penne Con Carciofi
artichokes in a creamy tomato sauce

Spinach Fettuccine Gorgonzola
a cream & blue cheese sauce

Linguine Paesana
pinenuts, chilies & feta cheese in garlic extra virgin olive oil

Penne California
sun dried tomatoes & capers in a creamy tomato sauce

Penne All’Aprile
fresh tomatoes, basil, black olives & feta cheese in a light extra virgin olive oil

Penne All’Ortolana
fresh vegetables feta (chilli flakes ) in a garlic cilantro extra virgin olive oil

Fettuccine Tonino
leeks, asparagus & peas in a triple sec tomato sauce (when available)

Penne Al Pesto
olive oil basil sauce



Baked Dishes

(Please allow 30 minutes to cook)

Pasticcio di Rigatoni
rigatoni tossed in a tomato, creamy tomato, or meat sauce & then baked with cheese 

Cannelloni Alla Fiorentina
stuffed with beef & spinach in a tomato, cream, creamy tomato, meat or creamy meat sauce 

Cannelloni Della Nonna
stuffed with ricotta cheese & spinach in a tomato, cream or creamy tomato sauce 

Seafood Cannelloni
mixed seafood with tomato, cream, or creamy tomato sauce 

meat or vegetarian 
$ 25.00/$ 24.00

Manicotti Anton’s
chicken, spinach & cheese rolled in pasta in a tomato, cream or creamy tomato sauce


Stuffed Pasta

Agnolotti Cardinale
meat stuffed pasta in a creamy tomato meat sauce 

Tondi Don Vincenzo
romano cheese & garlic stuffed pasta in a cream garlic parsley sauce with diced onions 

Tondi Nonna Angelina
stuffed pasta
(a house specialty, ask your server)

Spinach Tortellini Napoletana
spinach tortellini stuffed with ricotta cheese in a fresh basil tomato sauce

Tortellini Alla Panna
turkey stuffed tortellini with alfredo sauce and capicola (Capicolla Ham available, please ask your server)

Gnocchi Cardinale
potato dumplings in a creamy tomato meat sauce 

Gnocchi Con Pesto Pomodori
potato dumplings in a pesto tomato sauce



Risotto (Rice) Dishes

(Please allow 30 minutes to cook)

Risotto Alla Pescatore
mixed seafood in a tomato sauce 

Risotto Con Pollo, Funghi E Pignoli
chicken, mushrooms & pinenuts 

Risotto Alla Creola
italian sausage, chicken & shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce 

Large Orders

Large Pasta Tray: $170 + $8.50 (GST) = $178.50 (feeds 12-15 people)

Half Tray: $85.00 + $4.25 (GST) = $89.25 (feeds 6-8 people)

Large Salad Tray: $110.00 + $5.50 (GST) = $115.50

Half Tray: $55.00 + $2.75 (GST) = $57.75 


12% catering charges on all orders over $200.

Prices are subject to change and may differ at the restaurant. 

Any modifications are subject to a $3.00 charge.

Any requested baked dishes, ad $4.75.

All pricing does not include applicable taxes.

Minimum charge per person: $23.50

We thank you for your loyalty.



today’s house specialty 
$ 10.75

ask your server about today’s selections 
$ 10.00

Specialty Desserts
ask your server about today’s selections 
$ 10.00



Draft Beer (20 Ounces)

Anton's features special micro-brewed draft on tap 
Stanley Park Amber Ale (BC)
Stanley Park Windstorm Pale Ale (BC)
Stanley Park Noble Pilsner (BC)
$ 7.00



Imported Bottles (330 ml)

Kronenbourg (France)
Corona (Mexico)
Heineken (Holland)
Stella (Belgium)
Guinness (Ireland)
Coronitas (Mexico)

Peroni (Italy)
$ 8.25


Domestic Bottles (340 ml)

Miller Genuine Draft
Molson Canadian
Alexander Keith
Coors Lite
Granville Island Pale Ale
Sleeman Honey Brown
$ 7.25

* Non Alcoholic Beer
Ask your server
$ 4.50



Cocktails (1 oz)

Bellini (rum / peach schnapps)

(triple sec / brandy & wine)
Red Wine and fresh fruit

(triple sec / tequila) 
Classic Lime

Mojito (rum)
mint or strawberries
(house favourite)

Lemon Drop (vodka)



Cider and Coolers (340 ml)

Nutrl 7 Vodka & Soda
Strongbow Cider 
$ 6.75

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