Lunch Menu


Cozze (Mussels) or Calamari Alla Marinara
in a tangy tomato sauce (When available) 

 (Gamberi) Prawns 
prawns, in a white wine garlic butter sauce or mumbai style curry cream.

Salsiccia Con Funghi 
sausages, mushrooms, in a olive oil, white wine or in a tomato cacciatore sauce 



a hearty vegetable soup with noodles 

Tortellini Brodo 
turkey filled tortellini in chicken broth 

Stracciatella Alla Romana 
chicken broth with egg & parsley 



Insalate (Salads)

Add Shrimp or Spicy Chicken Breast To Any Salad $7.75  

with our special Anton’s caesar dressing

fresh garden salad with Anton’s special dressing 

greens with mixed vegetables, capicola, artichokes and cheese tossed in an extra virgin olive oil and pesto dressing

Pomodori Cipolle 
tomatoes & onions with our vinegarette dressing 

tender spinach leaves, bacon, and mushrooms tossed in a light garlic vinegarette dressing

mixed garden salad with feta cheese & Anton’s special dressing 

Pane (Bread)

 Boscaiola Bread 

meat sauce & melted cheese 
tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs & melted cheese
 fresh tomatoes, anchovies & melted cheese 

Bruschetta Bread 
fresh tomatoes, red spanish onions & fresh herbs 
or olives & fresh herbs 
or mushrooms in white wine

Focaccia Bread Basket 
focaccia bread served with balsalmic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil 
add pesto $3.00 extra  

Garlic Bread 
baked with our own special garlic butter 
balsamic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil
       $3.00 extra 


Panini (sandwiches)

All Paninis $23.25 unless stated

Our panini are served on traditional italian focaccia bread with your
choice of a mixed green or a caesar salad, or minestrone soup.  

Breast of chicken with mushrooms, tomato sauce & cheese
Spicy chicken with roasted red peppers
Asparagus & leeks with cheese
Sun dried tomatoes & italian sausage with cheese
Sun dried tomatoes, pesto & fontina cheese
Meatballs with meat sauce and cheese
Tuna, green onions, mayo -$24.25
Shrimp, tangy red seafood sauce, mayo - $24.25


All modifications are subject to charge 

All Pasta Dishes $21.75
(Unless Listed) 

Pastas are also available in herb, spinach, whole wheat or eggless
Taxes are not included in the prices listed
Our minimum charge per person is $12.00
*** Most of our dishes have garlic and onion in them ***


Red Sauce 


Linguine Bolognese 
with our original tomato meat sauce 

Linguine Con Polpette $23.25
meatballs topped with a tomato meat sauce 

Linguine Alla Siciliana
anchovies, red peppers, capers & olives in a spicy tomato sauce 

Linguine Alla Veneziana
venetian chicken stew in a spicy tomato sauce  

Penne Alla Calabrese 
italian sausage in a tomato sauce 

Penne All’Arrabbiata 
italian bacon in a spicy tomato sauce 

Rigatoni Alla Pizzaiola 
chicken, capers & black olives in a spicy tomato sauce  

Fettuccine Prosciutto E Funghi 
prosciutto & mushrooms in a white wine tomato sauce  

Fusilli Alla Romana 
pancetta, mushrooms, capers & black olives in a spicy tomato sauce  

Fettuccine Creola 
italian sausage, chicken & shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce


Seafood Sauce

All Seafood Pasta is $25.25

Linguine Con Calamari
tender calamari in a spicy tomato sauce

Linguine Alle Vongole 
clams in a cream, tomato or clear white wine sauce 

Linguine di Mare Bianco 
mixed seafood with fresh tomato in a white wine sauce 

Linguine Pescatore 
mixed seafood & mushrooms in a tangy tomato sauce 

Conchiglie Frutti di Mare 
mixed seafood & mushrooms in a cream sauce 

Linguine Con Salmone Affumicato 
smoked salmon in a dill cream or creamy tomato sauce (when available) 

Penne Bombay
prawns & shrimp in a light curry & cilantro sauce 

White Sauce


Linguine Alla Carbonara 
pancetta, eggs & fresh cracked black pepper in a cream sauce  

Fettuccine Alfredo Con Pollo 
chicken in alfredo sauce 

Fettuccine Con Prosciutto E Asparagi 
prosciutto & asparagus in a sage cream sauce (when available)  

Spinach Fettuccine Alla Fillippo 
chicken & spinach in a light cream sauce  

Fettuccine Con Prosciutto E Piselli 
prosciutto & peas in a white wine cream sauce  


Clear Sauce 


Rigatoni Al Porto
italian sausage & roasted red peppers in a garlic butter sauce  

Penne Alla Greca
artichokes, sun dried tomatoes & feta cheese red onion in a garlic white wine sauce  

Conchiglie Mona Lisa 
sun dried tomatoes & prosciutto in a white wine sauce 

Conchiglie Zio Carmelo $22.75
sausage, chicken, pinenuts, spinach in a white wine sauce chili flakes  

Fusilli Massimo 
green olives, artichokes, capers & red peppers in a white wine sauce  

Penne Alla Pastora
italian sausage & bacon in a white wine, egg & cheese sauce  

Conchiglie Alla Cosentina
leeks, carrots, celery, peas, italian pancetta in a chicken broth with parmesan sauce  

Linguine Raffaele 
sausages, spinach, feta cheese, chili flakes in garlic extra virgin olive oil  

Penne Chorizo Salsiccia E Funghichorizo
sausage & mushrooms in a spicy lemon sauce  

Conchiglie Alla Franco 
chicken, sundried tomatoes, peas, in a chicken broth garlic sauce 

Specialty Dishes


Fusilli Al’Indiana 
chicken, mixed vegetables in a curry cilantro tomato sauce  

Fusilli “Creamy Italian” 
pesto in a creamy tomato sauce  

Fusilli Alla Toscana 
chicken, mushrooms & white wine in a savory pesto cream sauce 

Penne Al Pesto 
olive oil basil sauce 

Penne Del Padrino
anchovies, sun dried tomatoes, capers & black olives in a white wine sauce  

Herb Penne Genovese 
sun dried tomatoes & mushrooms in a tomato pesto sauce

Fusilli Marsala 
chicken & mushrooms in a tomato sauce with marsala wine 

Penne Mezza Luna 
italian sausage & pancetta in an olive tomato sauce  

Penne All’ Emiliana 
italian sausage, pancetta, fresh tomatoes, basil, black olives, feta in a light extra virgin olive oil  

Linguine Orientale 
stir fried vegetables, mushrooms & chicken in a clear sauce 

Penne Alla Silana
spicy chicken in a black olive sauce  

Penne Antonio
chicken, mushroom, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese in a dill pesto cream sauce  

Conchigleie Zio Carmelo $25.25

sausage, chicken, pine nuts, spinach, white wine sauce with chili flakes

Pollo Parmigiano $27.00

chicken parmesan in Anton's special sauce with your choice of pasta 


Vegetarian Dishes


Herb Penne Alla Contadina 
bell peppers in a spicy tomato sauce  

Herb Penne Alla Mediterraneo 
fresh tomatoes, red peppers & artichokes in a white wine sauce 

Fettuccine Anton’s Special Sauce 
mushrooms & basil in a tomato sauce 

Penne All’Aprile 
fresh tomatoes, basil, black olives & feta cheese in a light extra virgin olive oil  

Whole Wheat Fusilli Primavera 
vegetables in a creamy tomato sauce 

Herb Penne Con Carciofi 
artichokes in a creamy tomato sauce  

Spinach Fettuccine Gorgonzola 
a cream & blue cheese sauce olive oil basil sauce 

Linguine Paesana 
pinenuts, chilies & feta cheese in garlic extra virgin olive oil  

Penne Al Pesto
olive oil basil sauce 

Penne California
sun dried tomatoes & capers in a creamy tomato sauce 

Penne All’Ortolana 
fresh vegetables in garlic light extra virgin olive oil 

Fettuccine Tonino
leeks, asparagus & peas in a triple sec tomato sauce (when available) 

Linguine Marco Polo
stir fried vegetables, mushrooms in a white wine sesame oil soy sauce 

Conchiglie Al Curry E. Pomodoro
mixed vegetables fresh tomatoes in a curry sauce 

Stuffed Pasta 

All Stuffed Pasta $24.25

Agnolotti Cardinale
meat stuffed pasta in a creamy tomato meat sauce 

Tondi Don Vincenzo 
romano cheese & garlic stuffed pasta in a cream garlic parsley sauce with diced onions

Tondi Nonna Angelina
stuffed pasta (a house specialty ask your server)

Spinach Torellini Napoletana
spinach tortellini stuffed with ricotta cheese in a fresh basil tomato sauce

Tortellini Alla Panna

turkey stuffed tortellini with alfredo sauce and capicola

Gnocchi Cardinale

potato dumplings in a creamy tomato meat sauce

Gnocchi Con Pesto Pomodori

potato dumplings in a pesto tomato sauce

Take out orders are available - Fresh Pastas and Sauces to take home. If you have any allergies please notify your server before ordering.
- Buon Appetito -



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